Bluebonnets Baby!

The iconic Texas bluebonnets are short lived flowers that are representative of springtime. It’s great to get your photos done off the roadways and in a beautiful pasture shared with some yearlings. Enjoy the pleasant days, greenery, and open fields. Summer is right around the corner.

The Inspirational Photographer…

Mz Dz photographs taken by Lone Star Pin-ups

Erin Shepherd is the inspiration for my themed photography.  She is my favorite photographer for costumed sessions and in my opinion, she is the original pin-up bombshell.  I met her more than a decade ago before she opened her first studio.  In fact, she was working from her garage which had a beautiful studio layout and sometimes driving to photo shoot locations.  It seemed that she always knew what type of photography she wanted to share with the world and thankfully, I was able to see her in action.  Since then, I have had a couple of other photo shoots with her and I know many women who flock to get her creative vintage inspired sets. Getting an appointment with her reminds me of being pampered, treated as a goddess, and transformed into the loveliness of yesteryear, most likely dating pre-1980s.  Erin has truly found the perfect niche in central Texas with her creativity, eye-catching fashions, and sensual poses that pay homage to the beauty of vintage photography and the women who fashioned the styles for the rest of us to emulate.  Check out her web-site at

It is with excitement and exhilaration that I am launching my own themed photography studio in late 2019.  My niche is different in the respect that I am offering Texas (western) themes for adults and children in the realms of commercial, portraiture, and of course in Fine Art. Thank you to my inspirational photographer, from the heart!

Oh Lawd, it’s cold outside!

Central Texas is truly a wonderful place. Outdoor photography happens almost all year long in the Heart of Texas. BUT as with most good things, the weather does not last and is so unpredictable. This last week proves this statement to be true.

While finishing up my own photo shoot, I met up with a new photographer and her friend braving the weather and snapping cute images outside. After a short time, they decided it was really cold and headed for warmer indoor areas.

For this photographer, after braving the weather, meals for the next few days will consist of chicken noodle soup and Theraflu. Stay warm out there!

ILY more…

Chucks, the most comfortable kicks ever
It’s never too young to get a pair of chucks

Central Texas is full of loving and doting parents, that’s for sure! It is natural to see children, especially infants, get the best of the best from those parents. Here the future is represented by the past and as good parents prevail, these chucks are a gift from those hearts! Your thoughts??

Color 0r B&W???

Options are endless with photography. A simple photograph can transcend time, place, emotion, and mood.

New props coming soon…

There are many things that help to create the perfect photo session, it can make, and even break the set design. We are building our collection of perfect props to make Central Texas Photography the premiere boutique for Texas photography. We are constantly looking out for that special piece!

And then there was…

Central Texas Photography…

Photography has been an active part of my life since I received my first camera at the ripe old age of 15.  The brand was Kodak using 110 film with the cubed flashes attached on the top.  I unrolled the film and placed it in the camera and shot away in every direction to the end of the roll.  Time, life, and various camera types have taken me around the world.  I enjoy the freedom I feel when taking my shots and to this day I get nostalgic when I look at those images.

126 or Instamatic Film. 

In 1963 Kodak introduced Instamatic cameras that used a plastic cartridge for easy drop-in film loading.  The cameras were typically “point and shoot” and simple to use.  The image measured 26mm square. Film was available for prints and slides, both color and black & white. The 126 format became popular and brought color photography to the mass consumer market.

110 film or Pocket Instamatic Film

Introduced in 1972, 110 is a cartridge loading film, similar to 126, but only 16mm wide.  The format became immediately popular since the cameras were small; hence the name of Pocket Instamatic.  Cartridges were loaded for 24 exposures with various film types including color negative, black & white and slide films.   Due to the small film area, enlargements from 110 negatives are grainy and not very sharp ( 

Over the decades I have progressed with various brands, models, and film types, recently including digital cameras.  Today, the favorite camera I use is the Sony A7rii. It is mirrorless, lightweight, has an outstanding variety of lenses, accessories, and has 42+ pixels to work with.  This camera is great for any type of photo shoot, especially on the go!

The view-do that we do

I incorporated some of my personal DNA, history, and family tradition into the brand in the form of a logo.  It is sometimes understood that a logo is not considered necessary in brand concepts but it is turning into a definitive part of who I am… there-by the view-do that we do is here

CenTex Photos