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The Inspirational Photographer…

by Central Texas Photography in Central Texas Posted on 12/03/2019 04:43

Erin Shepherd is the inspiration for my themed photography. She is my favorite photographer for costumed sessions and in my opinion, she is the original pin-up bombshell. I met her more than a decade ago before she opened her first studio. In fact, she was working from her garage which had a beautiful studio layout and sometimes driving to photo shoot locations. It seemed that she always knew what type of photography she wanted to share with the world and thankfully, I was able to see her in action. Since then, I have had a couple of other photo shoots with her and I know many women who flock to get her creative vintage inspired sets. Getting an appointment with her reminds me of being pampered, treated as a goddess, and transformed into the loveliness of yesteryear, most likely dating pre-1980s. Erin has truly found the perfect niche in central Texas with her creativity, eye-catching fashions, and sensual poses that pay homage to the beauty of vintage photography and the women who fashioned the styles for the rest of us to emulate. Check out her web-site at www.lonestarpinup.com/photo-gallery.

It is with excitement and exhilaration that I am launching my own themed photography studio in late 2019. My niche is different in the respect that I am offering Texas (western) themes for adults and children in the realms of commercial, portraiture, and of course in Fine Art. Thank you to my inspirational photographer, from the heart!

Inspirational Central Texas Photography
Inspirational Central Texas Photography